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Build a Booty Workout


Today’s workout is all about blasting fat while building a booty. These moves are supersets which means you do 10 reps for the two moves, then rest 30 secs, then repeat that superset 3 times before moving on.

Warm up 5 mins:

➡️ 10 plank jacks with plié squat to side kickbacks

➡️ 10 step-ups each side with 40 sec glute bridges (can be weighted)

➡️ 10 reverse lunges (weighted) with 10 hip thrusters (can be weighted)

➡️ 12 glute kickback each side (can be weighted, at the gym you can use cables or smitch machine)

Repeat 3 times

Finish with 15 mins sprint for a SERIOUS calorie burn. Let me know if you have questions!  🙂

Lean Legs Workout


Hello all and welcome to my new project for Malzisfit- sharing my workouts with you all! Since I am graduated from UCF I no longer have access to their incredible gym, but I am using this opportunity to prove that you don’t need a gym to get in shape!

A few things before we get started, this routine is set-up like many of my routines will be. You will be doing supersets meaning that you will do two exercise moves back to back and then rest for 30 seconds. You will typically repeat these supersets three times before moving on to the next one. I used dumbbells for this routine and I also gave the weight I used as guidance, however the weight you use will vary. If you are a beginner feel free to try this just bodyweight! I have numbered the moves below that are included in the above picture….

Warm-up body (jog in place 3 mins, bodyweight squats & lunges)
➡️ 10×3 25lb (goblet) squats & 40lb lunges
➡️ 12×3 40lb stiff-legged deadlifts (1) & 20lb Bulgarian squats (2, Don’t allow your knee to go in front of your toes! Picture 2 is a prime example of what not to do.)
➡️ 16×3 (8 each side) single leg stiff-legged deadlifts (3) & 20 (10 each side) step-ups (4)
➡️ 30 sec glute bridges x3
➡️ 15 mins sprints
➡️ 5 min cool down walk
Some tips for this routine:
1. For single leg stiff-leffed deadlifts the goal is to not let your foot touch the ground.
2. For glute bridges you can use two dumbbells and place them on your hip bones. If you don’t have dumbbells find something heavy like water bottles or a phone book.
3. Go as fast as possible on step-ups without losing your balance. Upon start-up, you will have your opposite arm in the air of the leg you have on the chair (see picture).
4. Correct form for any of the moves not pictured can be found on Youtube or
5. Don’t allow your knee to go in front of your toes! Picture 2 is a prime example of what not to do.
6. For stiff-legged deadlifts your back should be parallel with the ground. The form is something to get used to, search a Youtube video to ensure your form is correct.
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