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6 thoughts on “Client Testimonials

  1. Stephanie Bergen
    I'm 26 and I've just started working with Mallory, I've been following her Instagram page for probably 3 years and she has always impressed me in her flexible dieting and really tasty none boring food photos. I've counted macros before but not IIFYM. It's only been two days and I was worried at first from my previous experiences that I would be refraining myself from food that I enjoyed and in turn food bingeing. I've struggled for years with my relationship with food and have had significant weight loss in my adult years. Emotional eating and late night food bingeing have been the most of a struggle the last two years where I've gained and lost and gained and lost. Just within two days of IIFYM I've realized there is so much flexibility in this diet and so many options that I don't have to deprive myself from treats or things that I love such as carbs. I love to workout and run and even within a couple days I've noticed my energy levels are increased and I feel less tired after a workout. I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks will hold. Mallory is such a real person living her real life, that's why I approached her for online coaching she's not trying to be perfect and she sets a great example of how we are all humans we all have struggles and we are all capable of accomplishing our goals!
  2. Jackie Nugent
    Started my iifym journey with Mallory in January, started out with just having her calculate my macros, itwas just a trail 6 weeks to see if I could stick to doing this as many times I have started programs and stopped but and I say results in the first 6 weeks, so I stepped it up and did her online coaching macro program with personalized help. That went amazing as well, and I just signed up for Macro and Fitness coaching for 6 weeks. I am loving the progress and seeing results on the scale, in my inches but mostly others are commenting on how wonderful I look and that I am so much happier. Looking forward to hitting all of my goals with Mallory :)
  3. Nicole Schnare
    Since working with Mallory I feel better than I have in a LONG time. I was really intimidated going into this, but with Mallory's support I soon realized how easy IIFYM really is. I am fitting into jeans I haven't fit into for a long time and am still going strong! I'm about to start my second round with Mallory and can't wait to see the results. She is real, down to Earth and just plain awesome. She can relate to you because she's been there herself. I finally feel like I have a more healthy relationship with food and not only is my physical appearance changing, my mind set is too and that alone is priceless. I highly recommend IIFYM and one on one coaching with Mallory, I promise you won't be disappointed!!
  4. Stefanie Pollay
    I am on my second 6 weeks with Mallory and I have learned so much! I never imagined I could find a program that works with my lifestyle. I have found through trail and error that I cannot limit or restrict my diet, it always backfires. With IIFYM there is no restricting and as long as I am making good choices I can hit my macros! I have also started to enjoy lifting and feel very proud of myself when I can increase the weight I am lifting. Mallory has been there every step of the way and encouraging me and working with me. She is always active in the Facebook group I am a part of and making videos for us to learn more about IIFYM. I highly recommend working with her! You will not be disappointed!
  5. Carin Dwyer
    I signed up with Mallory for 6 weeks of macro one on one support. Mallory was wonderful. She made sure I had all the tools necessary to succeed and I feel like I did. I lots weight and more importantly inches. I have know Mallory for a very long time and am so proud of the woman she has grown into. She is a caring dedicated coach who lives what she preaches. If I was struggling she had the right words to get me back on track. I am a bit OCD so I struggled if I didn't hit my numbers and felt like I was failing if I didn't. Mallory understood that and made sure I knew that it is called flexible dieting for a reason. She is a gem and you will not be disappointed working with her.
  6. Jessica Bracey
    I have been trying to get a healthier lifestyle for almost a year now. Mallory has been the most encouraging and amazing coach. She's extremely knowledgeable and holds peoplw accountable for their goals. I have way more energy and have learned so much about health and food in the process. The tools she has given me are priceless.

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