My First Powerlifting Competition

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Wow. What an experience. My first powerlifting competition could not have gone better. I decided in August I was going to sign-up for one to gain some experience in the sport. I did not go into planning to place in my class or having any sort of impressive numbers in the sport. All I wanted to do was learn, have fun, and impress myself. I sure did just that.

I went into it wanting to end with 200/100/200. I ended up finishing with a 204lb squat, 99lb bench, and 210lb deadlift. I won third place in my class. Funny story, I didn’t at all expect to place so during awards I ran to the bathroom (I drank so much water and Pedialyte that day I was peeing every 10 mins). As I’m pulling up my pants I hear the announcer say, “this was her first competition” and for I split second I wonder, is he talking about me? As I walk back in to the gymnasium I see Thom walking back with my medal. I was bummed I missed that moment but I was way more excited that I even placed.

So check out the video and share the fun! If you take anything from this, I hope it’s how awesome it is to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits. Go out and amaze yourself! It’s a great feeling.

While you’re on the Youtube check out my newest video, “How to Become a Good Coach”. Got a yummy recipe coming later this week!

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