How to Calculate Macros While Pregnant

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Not news to many, but I’m pregnant! I’m full term actually at 37 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and Thomas and I are beyond excited for our little guy to get here! As you can see I’ve been currently stocking up the freezer with meals for when Marshall arrives to make our lives easier and keep me from living off of fast food and junk…

IIFYM while pregnant


A common question I get is, “are you still practicing IIFYM?” Heck yes I am! I haven’t been strict about it but I’ve been tracking for two reasons: 1) I want to make sure I reach my micros and 2) I don’t want to go too crazy, because lord knows I could eat 1,000+ calories a day.

So the next question I get is, “how do you calculate macros while pregnant?”  It’s actually quite easy! *Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, contact yours first to see what they recommend for calorie consumption.

The first trimester you don’t really need extra calories so you just want to be at maintenance calories. Again, check with what your practitioner says as I’m not a doctor! In the second trimester you’re looking at anywhere from 150-300 calories above maintenance (ask your doctor) and in the third trimester about 300-500 calories. Listen to your body when adding calories.

When you calculate your macros at calculate your maintenance macros using your starting pregnancy weight. Then add the surplus of calories to your TDEE where it says “custom macros”.

IIFYM Pregnancy

So for me my calories came out to be 2039 for the second trimester. Then I did .9g protein per pound of bodyweight and .4g fat. If you want to maintain your muscle I recommend not going lower than .8g protein and .4g fat is the minimum I’d recommend being at while pregnant. The rest of your calories will come from carbs. Wam! Bam! And that’s all it takes you calculate your macros while pregnant. 🙂 In rare cases, is possible to consume too much protein so always be sure to check with your doctor on what numbers you plan to use.

Drop a comment below if you have any further questions or concerns, and remember to talk to your doctor about your plans!

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2 thoughts on “How to Calculate Macros While Pregnant

  1. Laura
    I found you when googling pregnancy macros! Haha. Thanks for the info. I Practiced flexible dieting before pregnancy but have been lost when it comes to calculating my 3rd tri calories. At my last doctors appointment, she wanted me eating 2000 calories which I thought was a little high but I went with it. This appointment she tells me I'm too fat and my baby is measuring too big!! She lectured me about it a bit and told me to eat less carbs. i asked her how many carbs and she just said, less than you're eating now. Anyways, do you calculate your macros from your current weight or your pre-pregnancy weight? Do you re-adjust as you gain? I've been eating 130g protein/210g carbs/65 g fat. I was 128lb and now I'm 148 at 30w. I guess I should up my protein and lower carbs?
    1. Post author
      Hey Laura, you want to use the weight you were at when you found out you were pregnant.

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