Low Carb Stuffed Mushroom Burger

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The stuffed mushroom recipe (linked below) is always a huge hit and something I often bring to gatherings or make for the holidays. I made three batches for Christmas this year and ended up with some leftover filling. On the menu for that week were lean beef burgers which I usually top with a slice of low fat cheese (and go bunless to save on carbs) but I thought, “why not put this filling to use!?” I LOVE mushrooms on my burgers! I cooked the burger and topped it with a portion of the filling. I added a little bit of ketchup and fried onions for some crunch. HOLY MOLY was this delicious! This recipe is super low on carbs and packed with protein. Happy flexible dieting!


  • Eight 5 oz (uncooked) 93% lean beef burger patties, seasoned to taste
  • Ingredients for filling inĀ stuffed mushroom recipe (minus the whole mushrooms)

Cook burgers medium well. Once burger patties are 5 minutes from done top each burger with 1oz of stuffed mushroom filling. Cover the pan and allow the filling to warm for 5 more minutes. Topping with fried onions and ketchup is optional (but delicious!). These toppings are not included in the macronutrients below. Enjoy!

Macros (per burger, recipe makes eight): 306 calories, 17g fat, 3g carbs, 33g protein

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