Recipes To Get Your Kids (And Husband) To Eat Their Veggies

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If you’re a mom you likely relate to the struggle of getting your kids (and husband) to eat their vegetables. Although I have a picky-vegetable-eating son he definitely doesn’t lack enough nutrients from veggies! I’ve learned what he likes, doesn’t like, and how to incorporate some of the vegetable he doesn’t like into recipes so he doesn’t even know they’re there. I won’t lie to you, I’m not big on veggies either. But only when they’re boring. If you get creative with your vegetables you’ll be amazed how much more you enjoy them. Here are some ideas!

  1.  Lightened Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This soup is a favorite for the whole family. I have come to learn what kind of vegetables my son does and doesn’t like and one he sure does love is broccoli. He is also a huge fan of cheese (who isn’t?) so this recipe is a winner. Even kids who don’t like broccoli typically go for this recipe! It’s super easy and doesn’t break the calorie bank. Can’t beat that.

2. Spinach Artichoke Casserole/Dip

I am obsessed with this casserole/dip. I call it a casserole because we have it often as a side with our dinner. It pairs great with a lean piece of red meat and some roasted potatoes but it can easily be used as a dip for parties or a snack for the kids. My son can’t get enough of this dip and for a picky vegetable eater I’ll take it! It’s loaded with spinach as well as artichoke hearts, and of course delicious creamy cheeses. He’s a fan of carrots so when I’m serving it as a snack that’s typically the option I go with to dip in, but even some chips or crackers are still getting your kid plenty of veggies in. Hubby approved too!

3. One Pot Chicken Lo Mein

The dinner every mom wants. Easy clean-up with only one pot, simple to make, and packed with vegetables. This is always apart of our dinner rotation.

4. Protein Packed Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe is my go-to when someone is sick in the house, or for a cool night in Florida (rare occasion). Not only is it loaded with veggies but it’s packed with protein. Mama gets her muscle growth on, hubby and the kid gets their immune system boost. Yay!

5. Smoothie/Smoothie Bowls

Okay, yes I know this is mainly fruit and not vegetables BUT this smoothie has a serving of spinach in it and my kid doesn’t even know! We share a fruit smoothie every single day following this recipe. He gets a serving of greens in as well as two servings of fruit. It’s delicious and you can’t even taste or tell there are greens in it!

6.  Low Fat & Low Carb Stuffed Mushrooms

I always make these stuffed mushrooms for a party or special event, and they are always devoured instantly! Your friends that are watching what they eat will thank you for this low calorie option that is not at all low on the flavor scale. Delightful (and simple) dish!

7. Slow Cooker Stuffed Shells

Another constant in our dinner rotation. These shells are packed with spinach and many of us moms know leafy greens are one of the hardest to get our kids to eat. I love Italian dishes because you can easily incorporate spinach into almost all of them- lasagna, manicotti, ravioli, etc- stuff it with spinach! The boys don’t even notice. I always serve with another vegetable on the side. My son loves broccoli but you can also do a Ceasar salad (most kids like Ceasar) or a different vegetable you know your kid will eat.

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