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Short story: I lost a lot of weight in 2011-2012 eating “clean” (around 1200 cals) and doing cardio. I still wasn’t happy with how my body looked. I started IIFYM and weightlifting in 2013 and my body transformed. I ended up 100lbs smaller than my highest weight and documented my journey on Instagram.

The top pic I had already lost at least 60lbs and the bottom pic is me a year later, 100lbs smaller than my highest weight

The top pic I had already lost at least 60lbs and the bottom pic is me a year later, 100lbs smaller than my highest weight

Check out my progress pictures here!
Long story: I’ve struggled with my weight as early on as 4th grade. I remember being teased by kids in my class and not understanding why. Over the next few years I began to develop a lot of insecurities about myself and my body and this continued on into college until one day it finally clicked for me. One of the breakthrough moments was going to the doctor, stepping on the scale, and seeing it read 217lbs. I couldn’t believe I was in the 200’s. I knew at the moment that something had to change.
I took my time. I knew I had to break lifelong habits. First I began to eat smaller portions, then I began making healthy swaps (fruit instead of fries, salad instead of garlic bread, etc), then I began to walk my dog every day. Once these became a routine in my life I bought a membership to a gym and educated myself on proper nutrition and fitness. Over the span of two years I ended up dropping 100lbs! One thing that helped me stay on track was creating monthly and weekly goals that helped keep me motivated to reach my ultimate goal.
Today, I am maintaining my lifestyle and have become a certified trainer. I gave birth to my first born in April 2015 and am instilling healthy habits in him. He loves watching mommy workout! I’ve found outlets of fitness I love and can sustain (lifting weights, swimming, biking) and have found a healthy balance with my diet (80% nutrient dense foods, 20% “junk” foods). I think back to the girl I was before and am so grateful I finally took the plunge and changed my life. Physically, I’m so much healthier but mentally I have TRANSFORMED. I believe in myself now, I know my strength and that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to.

I have erb’s palsy. Due to complications at birth the nerves in my right arm were severed, meaning I could’t turn my wrist over or lift my arm over my head. I had 90% immobility in my right arm UNTIL I started meeting with my trainer twice at UCF in the Summer of 2013. I’m at about 75% now.

I’m most active on my Instagram page, Malzisfit. I love inspiring other people and am very passionate about helping others achieve their goal. I’m simple and frugal- I post quick, healthy recipes and am working on posting workouts that can be done at home. I have a few workout plans available on my eBooks tab as well as my eBook How I Lost 100lbs  which explains step by step how I reached my goal weight and also provides a 7 day example meal and workout plan. I am a certified personal trainer so please email me if you are looking for a customized plan tailored to your specific needs or a macro consultation for IIFYM. As always, I’m available to simply talk if you need advice!

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Exerpt from an Interview

“Over the past two years I have completely changed as a person. I’m not talking about physically, but mentally. My teenage years I struggled with anxiety and depression. Family matters, insecurities, but most importantly MY MENTALITY had me constantly suffering. Let’s be real, I started this fitness journey to look better. But it wasn’t the thought of looking better or the results that kept me going. It was altering my mentality that got me through these two years.
Waking up each morning and smiling at myself in the mirror, going out for a jog because the sweat dripping down my face reminded me that I was alive, looking at the stretch marks on my stomach as reminders of my strength and perseverance. The point I’m trying to get at is this journey is so much more than achieving a nice physique. It’s about a relationship with yourself. Pushing yourself to see what you’re capable of, loving and accepting your body, and feeling like a fucking badass. Don’t focus on the outcome. The results will happen. Focus on what’s inside. The obstacles over the past two years have made me a more confident, disciplined, positive, and enduring individual. I may not have the nicest body but I will always keep these qualities with me. As well as many healthy habits! Take it from me.. Love yourself now and change your perception of struggle. Life will be a lot easier, and better. :)”


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